I am Sheina Tabone
A Multimedia Designer who specializes in Web and Print

Tax Exempt Solutions

-Web Design & Development

Him and Her Salon

-Web Design & Development


-Splash page for Wall Street Real Estate Company & Event Planning Firm

Camp Highlight

-Web Design & Development

Tracie Martyn

-Coded rich e-mail for mail blasts

Tax-Exempt Solutions

-PLLC Branding Logo & Business Card Design for a D.C. Based Law Firm

T-Shirt Design for Brazilian Jazz band "Alma Tropicalia"

-Illustrator and Photoshop Design

Alma Tropicalia Flyer Design

-Photoshop composition, Color-correcting, Typography

Alma Tropicalia Flyers

-Photoshop composition, Color-correcting, Typography

Tribeca Tavern's Menu Design

-Photoshop Composition

Romeo and Juliet Poster

Robot Pandas - Be Individual

-Original Design

And Float Down Grand Street...

-Poster design


-Photoshop composition

Haiku Series

-Photoshop manipulation; 3 picture series

Ode to Letters

-Photoshop composition for a college Flash project

Dead Poet Society Portrait

-Illustrator design for the band "Dead Poets Society"

FIT Poster Design

-Illustrator design

My Little Yellow Hydrant

-Illustrator Design

Blue Orchid connected Pisces Fish

-Illustrator design